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How to Land Your Next Job Opportunity

This is a topic that can go two ways. Some say you shouldn’t work in an industry you are passionate about because it will kill that passion. Then there are some that say, find a career you are passionate about and you will enjoy working in it forever. Many people hate their jobs but just continue to stay at it. Why do they do that? Why do they continue to work in a place that leaves them […]

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How to Find Translation Jobs Online

Online translations are one of the best freelance careers for language lovers who also wish to see the world. Translating may give you more financial freedom and flexibility, in comparison to freelance copywriting or graphic design. If you want to make a living out of, its not as easy though as just being bilingual. Many prospects don’t realize that it may take years to build up references and knowledge in order to become successful in this field. […]

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How to Put Your Best Foot Forward in A Job Interview

Getting your dream job is not an easy task these days. There’s a lot of competition out there, and you just must strive on continually if you want to live your dreams. Hard work and dedication are the most important attributes for job seekers. However, only these two won’t produce the desired success. You need an almost perfect performance in your job interview. The guidelines below were put together by a group of experienced human resource professionals. […]

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