How to Find Translation Jobs Online

Online translations are one of the best freelance careers for language lovers who also wish to see the world.

Translating may give you more financial freedom and flexibility, in comparison to freelance copywriting or graphic design. If you want to make a living out of, its not as easy though as just being bilingual. Many prospects don’t realize that it may take years to build up references and knowledge in order to become successful in this field. But don’t worry, there are few tips on how to get started with online translation.

While ProZ and Translators Cafe are probably the best sites for translators searching for paid projects or positions, it might be difficult to contend with the more experienced translators who normally bid on those job boards.

In this way, if you are just starting out, it’s better to investigate People Per Hour, Upwork or Fiverr for shorter, regularly lower-competition translationprojects to help youdevelop your portfolio.

Above all, be creative! Experienced translators mentioned their unique ways of landing their first translation jobs; included connecting with marketing/public affairs contacts of multilingual online travel sites or magazines to check whether they required independent translators for individual projects or inquire if they are hiring entry-level translators.

Additionally, go to travel blogging and tourism conferences to network with destination marketing professionals.

Applying for Translation Projects

Making your online professional translator profile stand out is similarly as significant as making an effective pitch. The best pitches are those that are brief, compact, and customized to every translation project you are bidding for.

That being said, there are some elements that ought to be included into the majority of your pitches: your current per-word rates in the currency of the offer, a brief byline featuring your years of experience and how that experience or areas of specialization fit well with the translation project being offered.

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